Train to Tri: Your First Triathlon


Swim Bike Run. If the combination of those three words gets you excited, then you need Train to Tri: Your First Triathlon. Written by experts with USA Triathlon (USAT), the largest multisport organization in the world, this book provides proven strategies, secrets, and advice to gear up for your first sprint-distance or standard-distance event.

This is not another one-size-fits-all program. Train to Tri is designed so you can focus on the training you need most. You’ll establish a baseline in each of the three phases: running, cycling, and swimming. You’ll find bronze, silver, or gold levels of training for each phase, which can be combined and customized to your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Train to Tri is more than just training. It’s total preparation. Featuring expert advice on selecting gear, staying motivated, overcoming challenges, preventing burnout, determining nutritional needs, and achieving recovery, it’s a multifaceted plan for multisport success.

If you’re ready to go from athlete to triathlete, let Train to Tri and the experts at USAT lead the way.

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IntroductionPart I Assessing Your Triathlon Readiness
Chapter 1 Taking the Triathlon Readiness Assessment
Chapter 2 Choosing Your First Race
Chapter 3 Gearing Up
Chapter 4 Your Triathlon Support GroupPart II Improving Your Triathlon Technique
Chapter 5 Swimming
Chapter 6 Cycling
Chapter 7 RunningPart III Training
Chapter 8 Strength and Flexibility
Chapter 9 Nutrition and Rest
Chapter 10 Sprint-Distance Triathlon Training Plans
Chapter 11 Standard-Distance Triathlon Training PlansPart IV Racing
Chapter 12 Preparing to Race
Chapter 13 Your Race-Day Experience
Chapter 14 Assessing Your PerformanceGlossary
About USA Triathlon
About the Authors


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