Episode 37

We are back on Terra Firma and this time we are sitting down with the Bike Fit Guru himself, Chris Balser.  We talk about his journey into bike fitting, his sports background and discuss the hot topic of mid foot cleat placement.  Bumper music credits: Spymob "German TestDrive" from the album "Sitting Around Keeping Score".

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Episode 36

A breakthrough episode.  We recorded while flying from Minneapolis to Amsterdam! We also welcomed the much referenced Jill Swarthout to the podcast.  We discuss strategies on how to travel to races and events and be your best right away. Good times! Bumper music credits: Ray Covington "Jet Set" from the album "Monarch Butterfly".

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Episode 35

Coach Kris sits down again with Devon Palmer, this time at the Play Tri store in Egan, MN.  Kris and Devon talk about the struggles of finding a future as a pro in triathlon, the upcoming Ironman World Championships and in the end Devon does what he does best, shameless self promotion.  Lot's of laughs [...]

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Episode 34

It's been way too long since Coach Kris and Coach Gaby have hung out and just chatted.  In this episode they catch up on what has been going on this summer so far and what is to come.  Lot's of laughs and a bit of insight. Bumper music credits: Spymob "It Gets Me Going" from the [...]

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Episode 33

Meet Richie Crowley, a former pro hockey player, turned wellness guru, now taking on a challenge called "The Wellness Ride" where he will be riding his bike across america in an effort to raise peoples awareness of how to live fuller and better lives.  This kid has a bright future.  Bumper music credits: Spymob "Give [...]

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Episode 32

We are back!  On this episode we spend some time chatting with Tu Tran and Erin Ladendorf of the Wattie Ink team program. We discuss how and why the team was formed, what its purpose is and where its going in the future.  Bumper music credits: Spymob "National Holiday" from the album "Sitting Around Keeping [...]

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Episode 31

Felling sick lately, join the group.  Dealing with illness and injury can be a huge obstacle for many athletes.  Coach Kris and Coach Gaby discuss what you can do as an athlete and a coach to help get yourself or you're athlete through it.  Now go wash you're hands. Bumper music credits: Spymob "2040" from [...]

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Episode 30

Devon Palmer drops in and chats with Coach Kris about his time in triathlon from MJET's to Pro Elite.  The discussion leads to some fond memories about the good and hard times in triathlon.  Both talk over the rise of social medias presence in the sport and it's roll going forward as well as Devon's [...]

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Episode 29

Coach Kris talks with world famous coach Bobby McGee!  Bobby talks about his military background, growing up in South Africa, coaching pre and post apartheid and what one thing long course age groupers can do to run better at the Ironman distance.  We also drop a bomb and reveal what Bobby's real name is! Bumper music [...]

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Episode 28

Coach Gaby and Coach Kris call on Coach and friend Ian Murray.  Together the gang talks about life in Detroit, Bob Seger concerts, Ian's connection to Eminem, retirement pathways for coaches and how to talk to athletes about going pro.   Bumper music credits: Spymob "Fly Fly Fishing Rod" from the album "Sitting Around Keeping Score".

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