Episode 30

Devon Palmer drops in and chats with Coach Kris about his time in triathlon from MJET's to Pro Elite.  The discussion leads to some fond memories about the good and hard times in triathlon.  Both talk over the rise of social medias presence in the sport and it's roll going forward as well as Devon's [...]

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Episode 29

Coach Kris talks with world famous coach Bobby McGee!  Bobby talks about his military background, growing up in South Africa, coaching pre and post apartheid and what one thing long course age groupers can do to run better at the Ironman distance.  We also drop a bomb and reveal what Bobby's real name is! Bumper music [...]

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Episode 28

Coach Gaby and Coach Kris call on Coach and friend Ian Murray.  Together the gang talks about life in Detroit, Bob Seger concerts, Ian's connection to Eminem, retirement pathways for coaches and how to talk to athletes about going pro.   Bumper music credits: Spymob "Fly Fly Fishing Rod" from the album "Sitting Around Keeping Score".

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Episode 27

Happy Thanksgiving! In our holiday edition Coach Gaby and Coach Kris talk about the transition from in season to off season training.  They touch on the topics of Turkey Trots, binge watching on the trainer and balancing your eating, training and family.  We also are very grateful to our new bumper music band Spymob! Bumper music [...]

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Episode 26

Coach Kris and Coach Gaby ponder the spookiness of Halloween candy plus tie it into Ironman racing of all things.  They break down the Kona results and chat about Gaby's late season success and future plans.  Good times!  Bumper music credits: Ray Covington "Slow Motion" from the album "Monarch Butterfly".

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Episode 25

In our 25th episode Coach Gaby and Coach Kris break down their 70.3 Worlds and ITU Worlds predictions, discuss the upcoming Kona startling and Gaby shares some inside on her season and her Silver medal. Bumper music credits: Ray Covington "The Music" from the album "Monarch Butterfly".

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Episode 24

We are back at the Final K Global HQ for our first annual World Championships preview show!  Coach Kris and Coach Gaby breakdown the women and mens fields for the 70.3, Ironman and X-Terra World Championships.  Predictions are made so that crow can be eaten later.  We also touch on the Great Minnesota Get Together. [...]

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Episode 23

This week Coach Kris reaches out to Ventum bikes owner and innovator Diaa Nour.  Diaa and Coach Kris talk about the genesis of Ventum, how innovation has driven the brand and his partner Jimmy Seear, and we he even reveals for the first time information about Ventum next bike!  Bumper music credits: Ray Covington "Jet [...]

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Episode 22

Coach Kris and Coach Gaby are back after a short vacation.  In this episode they are joined by PT Brian Eipperle of STEP Therapies. The gang discusses athlete injuries, injury prevention along with some best practices for treating what hurts.  Bumper music credits: Ray Covington "Me+U" from the album "Monarch Butterfly".

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Episode 21

In this episode we sit down with Andrew Hed inside the HED Cycling offices and talk about growing up and now working for parents who are industry leaders in cycling product fabrication and design.  We reflect on memories of his father Steve and where he sees himself in the family business moving forward.  We even [...]

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